Winning with Diversity

Since day one of DailyPay, championing diversity and inclusion has been baked into our company’s DNA. I have always believed diversity is more than just the sum of our many parts. Whether it’s diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, opinions, identities or views, we view it as a cornerstone on how we build a sustainable business.

In a recent nationwide poll we conducted, 65% of respondents believed that diversity in the overall staff composition makes a company better-positioned to relate to customers. By partnering with hundreds of forward-thinking businesses and millions of users nationwide; we relish working with an incredible cross-section of people from all walks of life. We value how important it is for us to understand the lived experiences of others. It’s critical we are able to harness this understanding to create products and services that are even more widely accessible because we better understand what’s needed when we design the solution.

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Jason Lee is a fintech entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of DailyPay the current market leader in the on-demand pay software sector