Continuing to Invest and Build Generationally

DailyPay 2019 Team

One of the most special things about DailyPay is that we are building a generational company, rooted in a common culture and mission. A company that lives beyond us; one that is meant to outlast us all. Together, we are building a company that is durable, valuable, and a cornerstone of the American financial system.

One of our core values at DailyPay is “Pull the Wagon.” It’s a simple way of saying that the job of a leader is to pull alongside her team. Leaders who stand in the wagon and merely point, aren’t really leaders at all. They are pointers. And the world doesn’t need more pointers.

As we closed out our fiscal 2020, I was super proud of our leadership group’s decision to propose something extraordinary for our amazing Associates and Managers. As a small expression of our sincere gratitude for the incredible effort put in by this segment of the workforce, we added a 401k match, and rolled out a Learning and Development stipend program to support colleague professional development. Our leadership group also came up with the idea to award a bonus of $2,020 to each Associate and Manager who was with DailyPay in 2020, in recognition of their contributions.

2020 was an extraordinary year for all of us, and at DailyPay, we are unambiguously of the mindset that it is our Associates and Managers who stepped up and drove so much of our commercial success in 2020 and will continue to lead us into an even stronger direction in 2021.

Additionally, we promoted 42 DailyPayers in our first cycle of the 2021 biannual half-step promotion process for Associates and Managers. This promotion process at DailyPay is rigorous but allows us to recognize these talented individuals who we are investing in to take their careers to the next level.

I often get asked by investors, clients, and other stakeholders — what sets DailyPay apart? What is the reason you are the gold standard in the market? My answer is very simple: Our people, and the deliberate efforts we make to invest in them. There are no shortcuts to building a generational company. “Shortcut” and “generational” are words that just don’t go with each other.

DailyPay is continuing to grow at a hyperscale pace and we are looking to add to our incredibly talented, mission driven, ride-or-die team. If you’re someone who is considering a career change or for that matter, looking to start yours, I’d love for you to come join us. My job is to make you the best version of yourself. I dare you to come see what that’s all about here at DailyPay.



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